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We should do our duty instead of criticize one another. The peoples fear that if they inhibit themselves illegally it could be hazards. But they do not think if they not forbid Illegal we all take loss. The world dearth of those peoples who fight against illegal but some great men embrace to do it but here is the issue our society exclude them and title them foolish and mad etc. The origin people always come with truth. The man recognizes their good or bad habit instead of their personal beauties. We all run our self benefit consist road. But the rare man who works with others who cares of all mankind who deal their entire social and economics things for persuade of God. Our grandsire advice us that always work for charity of human being. We know it’s complicate­d but when we done we feel serenity. We should know that how our nation is developed and aggregativ­e thinking would success us. If we make a team and their views coincide at the fight against evil we would certainly successful further we have to detect those things which ban in the path of developmen­t. We profound the issues and detect their positive solution. When we start thee struggle and carryout successful­ly we see after some period numerous people with us till we will reach that time we endure this all difficulti­es. We should aversion negative personalit­y peoples our gathering should be positive persons.
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