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Now I want to tell about food! I hate spice dishes and greasy food. I’m sick of it. I prefer Russian cuisine and I like home-made food. Sometimes I can eat Italian food. For example, I adore pizza and pasta. My favourite pizza is Margarita. In my opinion classic pizza is better than others and it has special taste. But my friends don’t think so.
I like idea of healthy food. I eat many fruits, my breakfast consist of oatmeal or cottage cheese, I try to eat nuts and fruit bars instead chocolate. But I love chocolate very much and I can’t exclude it.
Once I have been on a diet and it was a nightmare! I ate only cereal for one week! I began on Monday and on Friday I almost fainted from malnutriti­on. Since then I forgot about diets forever.
And finally I want to say that I was vegetarian for one year. Now I eat only chicken meat and fish. I think vegetarian­ism is not useful for all persons. Some people are in need of meat for the good health.
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