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Make away with the rubbish.
Get rid of unnecessar­y things in your life. Start with cleaning.
Love for the trash is a fat hint that you are strongly connected with the past, and it hinders your way to the future.
Our house is a continuati­on of ourselves, our reflection. If you want to have some changes, start with your house, firstly. When the house is clean and tidy, your mind becomes clear, and things are getting better.
Sort out your old shoes, you can change your hairstyle, job, apartment or to take another look at what youalready have.
General principles.
In order to get rid of heaps of rubbish in the house, you have to be decisive and ruthless, and to have a clear idea what you are doing it for. Keep in mind the following:
-Before buying something new, get rid of something old.
-If an item hadn't been useful for a year or two, it would never be useful.
-Ask yourself whether you leave this thing because it makes you happy, or because it is just needed to be left? If the latter one, then it's time to throw the broken Tamagotchi away.
-Your memories is not physical objects. To get rid of an old cracked grandmothe­r's vase, does not mean to get rid of the memories of how wonderful your grandmothe­r was.
-If it is unclear whether some things should be thrown, hide them somewhere for a month. If you will need something of it during this period, it can be left. The rest must be thrown away without any regrets.
-It is unnecessar­y to throw it all away into the rubbish dump. There certainly can be new things which have never been used or put on. Share them, give them to charity or arrange a garage sale.
-Start with your clothes and shoes. Leaving old stuff, just in case, you admit that this case will come and you will have to wear, for example, shabby trousers. Therefore, you are developing a philosophy of poverty, thinking that you will not be able to buy new things, and you will have to wear the old, unfashiona­ble, clothes, after having patched it up.
-Leave all old and worn clothes with spots and holes in the rubbish dump. Every old thing it is, in fact, unrealized dreams and plans.
-The less things you leave, the sooner your wardrobe will fill up with the new clothes.
-It is important to have in your wardrobe truly favourite things. Favorite things give you the feeling of confidence, they suit you perfectly and you feel special when you are wearing them. And everbody around you see it and feel it.
- If you feel physical discomfort while wearing some clothes or have some unpleasant memories connected with it, you shold leave it without any regrets.
-In general, keep your wardrobe in order, hang your clothes accroding to colours or style, do not hang your clothes on the chair, wash it on time.
Room and furniture.
-Do not be surprised that there is always something which interfiers your plans. Look, how much rubbish are around you which prevent the circulatio­n of your ideas. When the house is filled with things which you love or which are often used, they charge you with energy. And heaps of trash, on the other hand, have a strong negative influence.
-First of all, make your rubbish bin happy with throwing cracked and chipped crockery and mirrors with some defects in it.
-Repair or throw broken appliances away.
-Books which were bought by accident and had never been used must be excluded from your life. Ultimately, remaine a set of books that will reflect you today and and will correlate your future image.
-There is always a temptation to remain old and or broken things. But it's the same as to postpone your happiness and harmony at home.
-The maximum lifetime for bed or sofa (at least a mattress) - 10 years old, for pillows 3 years.
-Keep the house is spotlessly clean. Let it look so cute and nice as your budget allows you. Prepare carefully even the most simple food, and lay the table as good as you can.
-How you feel buying new things will affect your well-being when this thing occur in your house.
Buy only what is perfect, not just pretty.
-It is necessary to change something constantly in your house, rearrange the furniture, do the dusting. Let the things know that they are not forgotten.
-Do not be a hamster if you hide everything you can into a hole, it is gradually will block up all the pores of the house and it will be difficult for you to breathe in your own room. Do not hold on to things! If you want to have positive changes in your life, prepair some space for it.
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