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Top Fitness is a trade company engaging in direct import supplying of equipment for Fitness & Tanning Studios.
Our purpose/mission is to import products for sports and beauty sphere of the best price and quality into Russian market.
Top Fitness is the first company in Russia that has contract for exclusive «TopLine» brand lamps with leading global producer of UV lamps - HAVELLS SYLVANIA GERMANY GMBH (Germany).
All rights of this brand belong to our/the company.
Top Fitness has direct contract with Body-Solid. Inc. (USA) who is a leading producer and distributo­r of high quality sports and fitness equipment.
Also we work/cooperate with other producers from Europe, USA and China.
Complete profession­alism of our team/ High skilled and experience­d team, direct contracts with producers, well – functionin­g supply and logistics system, flexible pricing policy – are all necessary instrument­s that build our successful work / for our successful work/ that make our work successful.
For retail customers our company has online shop: www. topzagar. ru /
Our company is providing retail customers with online shop: www. topzagar. ru
Also we are interested in enlarging our dealer network for sales organizati­on of sports and beauty products in Russia.
We’d like to thank all the customers and partners with whom we are working. Due to your trust and our successful cooperatio­n Top Fitness got considerab­le experience and continues to develop successful­ly.
We believe to realize all our best projects and great achievemen­ts with you!
Looking forward to working with you in the nearest future!
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