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«There are many things that young people today can learn from the older generation»
The problem of the generation gap is up to date both for young and elderly people. However, despite misunderst­anding to each other, the youth should adopt the best practices from the older generation.
On the one hand, the adults have a huge life experience and complete idea of real life. Their advice and directions help to solve many problems of the young generation. And it is not about daily life only. Running the country is a great example. The youth has to heed a piece of advice of older generation who was taught with mistakes.
On the other hand, the gap between generation­s has been increasing for last ten years. New technologi­es necessitat­e thinking and creating in a different way. Society has to change some principles of behavior. So the elder generation without such kind of experience cannot help the young people.
To conclude, although in the modern developing world the young people should adapt to new rules and principles, but also understand that without the older generation experience there is no any long-term perspectiv­e.
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