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The capital punishment or the death penalty is a legal process whereby a person is put to death by the state as a punishment for a crime. There are a lot of crimes, for example human traffickin­g, kidnapping, serial murders, slavery, which provide the death penalty according to countries lows. But there are a couple of countries which provide the death penalty even for immoral behavior in public places or use (not trading) of drugs. Those countries are Thailand, Iran, Iraq, Oman and other Arabian countries. Considerin­g all the above there are two sides of the coin. Therefore, there are opponents and advocates of the death penalty.
People who consider the capital punishment to be canceled are abolitioni­sts. (-- or better? Abolitioni­sts of the death penalty consider (that) the capital punishment to be canceled. ) One the one hand some arbitratio­n systems may not be fair. The first argument is the death penalty for insignific­ant reason (e. g. immoral behavior on the beach in Thailand or uses (not trading) of drugs in Iran, Oman, etc. ). The second argument is wrong decisions about whom responsibl­e for a crime. Every judge systems have some percent of incorrect decisions rendered in a year. In some countries this rate is lower but in other is higher. Therefore, honest person can be sentenced to the death penalty. On the other hand, a lot of religions condemn the punishment. These people believe if only God gives us life, only God can take the life. So every abolitioni­st supports the idea to ban the penalty.
People who continue to apply the penalty or advocates of the death penalty argue that world must be clean of harmful people like murders, slave traders, drug traders, etc. Also advocates believe that death penalty may discourage potential crimes. The next argument is that holding prisoners is too harming to social welfare. Provide prisoners, all the more so life prisoners, with everything necessary whole there life in prison is very expansive. The other argument is that keeping prisoners in prison is not so safe for society because sometimes prisoners escape. Finally, advocates of death penalty believe if people know the punishment, they will be afraid to do the same crime.
Considerin­g my personal attitude towards the question, I would like to highlight that our life is the most valuable that we have and nobody has any reason to dispose our life. I am totally condemning the death penetratio­n, but if it will conduct for awful cruel crimes, like children’s serial murderer Onoprienko who killed about 50 children, it will be quite a justified punishment.
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