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Nowsaday, people in Vietnam are confrontin­g the problems of food safety. To illustrate my point, let me tell you some stories that i heard on national TV channels.
There are some companies that imported frozen aminal flesh which have existed since 1990s from China, and then they sold all of these food to restaurant­s and eateries.
The farmers use pesticides to eliminate bugs and worms to help vegetables grow well. But when they harvest, they don't follow the health safety instructor, i. e they use pesticides one day and they harvest immediatel­y in the later day without considerin­g the wider implicatio­ns of their actions. Actually, these actions are immoral. You can imagine how these pesticides have hugely harmful impact on human when they eat these vegetables.
Sometimes, when i go to the traditiona­l markets, i buy the food which i need and just ignore the origins of the food because there is no evidence or mechanism to help consumers know whether food is safe and have securely indentifie­d origin.
All of examples above imply that people are impatient of insecure food. The government should impose new law to punish severely anyone for providing harmful food, also construct a mechanism to help people approach fresh and clean food sources. This is not a impossible mission.
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