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Needless to say, immmigrati­on is a controvers­ial topic all around the world. Nowadays with refugee crisis, Europe are living its worst issue. Neverthele­es, everybody should know why people are moving to another place to live.
To start with, people are fleeying from war, economical problems and hunger. It is a complicate­d situation to survive and every government and each individual should contribute to give them a new oppotunity to start.
Secondly, living in a foreign country has advantages and disadvanta­ges. The main con could be the culture clash. Furthermor­e, if you do not have the correct welcome to this new country you will feel really devastate and lost.
It depends on your current situation as an immigrant because there are many different conditions to value. For instance, if I travel to India and eventually I decide to stay there during a whole year is so opposite to if I need to flee from my country due to a civil war.
Let me conclude by saying that Government of Spain is not making a difference with regard to this trouble. They told us that our country would admit approximat­ely 17, 000 refugees and currently only around 1, 300 have been accepted to arrive here.
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