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It is agrued that universiti­es are in obligation to present to their pupils more about health habits. It is agreed that schools should have one of the major role in education students about health. This essey will discuss firstly, the fact that the profesors at the universiti­es are well informed about health problems and secondly, will discuss that students, given that they spend a lot of time in schools and at the universiti­es, shold have healthy meals and regular exercise.
Firstly, profesors at the universiti­es are well prepared and informed about healthy problems such as obesity, spending a lot of time in front of computers, abuse of the active substances, excessive use of alcohol and sexual infectious diseases. They can organise various discurses about this topics, that will have an influence on youth behaviour. For example, recently in my son's school teacher has organized a lecture about avoiding the use of tobacco and drugs and consequenc­es that these substances can leave on health.
Secondly, students spend a lot of time in schools and the staf must ashure that they have healthy snack and classes of phusical education. Fast food should be avoided and insted of that healthy food should be placed on menu, such as sandwichie­s with hole bread and salad, fruit with every snack and withouth carbonated drinks.
In conclusion, universiti­es should make an effort to teach students about healthy habits and responsibi­le behaviour. If no, there will be an incresing number of young people suffering from various health problems.
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