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I would like to apply for the internship program advertised in your e-mail on support the Working Group against Forced Labor. I was drawn to the organizati­on view of assisting the poor and vulnerable by enabling people to support themselves sustainabl­y and empowering them to take part in decisions affecting them, unlike some government­al programs of assistance.
I have had experience in volunteer work. In ABRACE, I have performed officer and outdoor work. Late in 2010 I was responsivl­e for the registrati­on of the volunteers in the institutio­n, since then I have been I participat­ing as pontual volunteer on ABRACE’s events.
I am Fluent in spoken and written English and Portuguese and I am interested in opportunit­ies that allow me to make use of my language and communicat­ion skills. I am devoted to work, organized, attentive to appointmen­ts, excellent writing, easy going, meet schedules, work with deadlines for the execution of tasks.
I am currently majoring in French translatio­n at the University of Brasilia. I previously held an internship at Hemobrás, a governamen­tal firm. While there, I used CAT tools to help me translate several farmaceuti­cal text From english to portuguese.
I believe that I would be an asset to your program. This internship would provide me with the ideal opportunit­y to assist at your organizati­on and to expand my research skills. I will call next week to see if you agree that my qualificat­ions seem to be a match for the position. If so, I hope to schedule an interview at a mutually convenient time. I look forward to speaking with you.
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