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I am waiting in line for entering the stadium to watch the limited live show of Maroon 5. I think it’s likely to rain this evening but luckily it doesn't. It is a long line so it will take long time for my turn to enter the show.
I have nothing to do so I look around to find something interestin­g. A old man is standing in front of me. When he turned around, I could see that he has fine lines around his eyes. "How old are you? Maroon 5 isn't popular with the elderly! ". His eyebrowns lifted, "70! There is no link between your age and your favorite music, little man! ".
I continue looking around. I saw a special couple. The guy was confined in a wheelchair and the girl helped him push the wheelchair. Both of them were laughing then the man kissed the girl lightly on her lips.
Seeing all of these, I just thought our lives was so lively.
[Oxford 3000] http: //simp. ly/publish/vqPcjx
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