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From April 2015 to October 2015 we rent two beautiful apartments on the second floor of a house in Villaperuc­cio, in the south of Sardinia’s magical island. Everything is new and very clean because the apartments were built in 2012. Each is composed by a living room with a kitchen corner, a bathroom with toilet and a bedroom with a double bed.
If you have a child, there is the opportunit­y to give you a folding bed. There is also a large fridge and all you need to cook.
Each apartment has a beautiful terrace where you can admire lots of stars during the summer nights and one of them also has a small balcony.
The village of Villaperuc­cio is very quiet and surrounded by the countrysid­e.
Just in front of the house there is a supermarke­t where you can buy some food before going to the beach and at 5 minutes walking there are a very good restaurant -pizzeria and a garden where children can play.
I suggest you to come with a car because you can not really trust on the bus, especially in summer.
You will be delighted to discover the wonderful beaches of Is Salinas (15 minutes drive), Porto Botte (20 minutes), the Bay of French (20 minutes), Porto Pino (25 minutes) and many others. We are also not so far from the small islands of San Pietro and Sant'Antioco, the breathtaki­ng coast of Portoscuso, the isle of Pan di Zucchero and the beach of Buggerru, ideal for surfers.
We ask 300 euros for each apartment for 2 person ( or two people + a child) for 7 nights and there is no charge.
Do not hesitate to contact me! I will answer all your questions and I could also be your guide (if you wish) so that we could enjoy together the pleasant atmosphere of the island and discover its REAL Sardinian side,
outside convention­al touristic circuits.
During the year I live in Belgium and I come back to Sardinia a few weeks in the summer but my uncles are there and they can give you the keys and help you if you need something!
Thank you very much!
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