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Air is a French duo who started playing alternativ­e rock about 30 years ago in Paris but they reached the maturity only composing a new kind of music, a kind of music that looks back at the Europop and Eurodisco era. The album Moon Safari, recorded in 1998, is a more profession­al project in comparison to the old funny singles of their early stage and elects the duo “the architects of pop”. The large range of instrument used to compose the music lets the record sound every time in a different way, you’ll need to listen to it about ten times to catch every sound and to recognize every sample. Moon Safari is a pleasant record that makes you feel nearly melancholy but a moment later you will find yourself on the old dance floors of the 80’s, when the “French touch” was in vogue. I really enjoyed the album and I would recommend it both to the young generation as to the old ones.
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