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There is a decrease of the liberal general practitioner (GP) in several areas in France.
Our goal was to make a cohort of a batch of students who chose to practice GP after the national ranking exam in 2014 at Clermont-Ferrand, in order to identify their practice determinants and to find out about their expectations about their professional future.
This transversal descriptive study is entered in a longitudinal cohort follow-up. Surveys were sent to the 74 students who choose to study GP in Clermont-Ferrand after the national ranking exam in 2014 and who theoretically finish their medical internship in November 2017. These surveys are the same in several regions and were made by a national working group.
The response rate was 83. 8 %. The respondents were 29 years old on average, were women for 67. 7 %, 77. 4 % in a relationship, were parents for 16. 1 % and lived in urban areas for 71 %. Almost half did not want to be a GP at the beginning of their studies, 93. 6 % did an internship with a GP during the second cycle of their studies, 69. 4 % chose GP as their first choice after the national ranking exam. 66 % made done an autonomous internship during the third cycle of study, for 53. 66 % in a rural area, the same proportion as in the urban area. A significant link was established between doing an autonomous internship and practicing exclusively GP (p=0. 03), as well as considering the step into self-employment as GP (p=0. 03). 43. 5 % are GP, partly in a semi-rural area (70. 4 %) and 81. 5 % in a medical office with other physicians.
After aggregate collected data in different regions, we will establish statistical links to identify what enables young GPs to step into self-employment and allow French health authorities to take concrete incentive measures.
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