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Hunger games is a sci-fi trilogy by Suzanne Collins. It has been adapted to the cinema in the form of 4 films: >, > Flashback >>, >, >.
Hunger games is a dystopia that takes place in the future. In a post-apocalyptic North America called Panem and divided into 12 districts, take place every year, the "hunger games": games of terrors reminiscent of those of gladiators in the arenas of ancient Rome. They are organized by the Capitol, a District 1 metropolis whose purpose is to terrorize and control the population of the other districts.
The films tell the story of a young teenager Katniss Everdeen, who will become the symbol of an oppressed population who decides to revolt against the power in place
Katniss Everdeen, 16, lives in District 12 of Panem with her sister and mother. After the death of her father, she survives through hunting with her friend Gale and knowledge of plants. At the harvest of the 74th edition of "Hunger Games", his sister; Prime, is drawn by the presenter Effie among children from 12 to 18 years of distrcit to participate in the games. Katniss then volunteered to prevent her from certain death.
Katniss leaves with Peeta (the second tribute), son of the baker who loves him in secret, for games. In the arena, she tries to survive on her own, leaving the others to kill each other to finally find herself the only survivor with Peeta that she pretended to like to have sponsors. Linked by their friendship and / or love (we do not really know ^^), they decide to commit suicide with poisonous berries instead of leaving a winner. The Capitol then prevents them, making an exception by declaring them both victors
Principle of Hunger Games.
Following the destruction of District 13 due to civil war and rebellion, the Capitol decided to set up the Hunger Games. Each year, 2 teenagers (1 boy and 1 girl), then named "tributes", 12 to 18 years old from each district will be drawn to fight in the "arena". A total of 24 tributes will have to kill each other in both real and virtual space until only one survivor remains who will be the winner of the games. In the form of reality TV, the perilous survival and bloodthirsty fighting in the arena is transcribed to all districts via television
The inhabitants of the 12 districts live under a totalitarian regime exercised by the Capitol.
The Capitol, which refers to one of the 7 hills of Rome centralizes power. It is the richest district where locals bathe in luxury and opulence while they operate the other 12 districts. Not all districts are equal either, Distincts 1 and 2 specialized in the manufacture of luxury goods and masonry are also rich, while Districts 11 and 12 are the poorest and specialize in agriculture and agriculture. 'mining.
In addition, the inhabitants of Panem are controlled and monitored on a daily basis by the "Peacemakers", a militia that brings order and terror to the districts. The use of the army or police to reprimand and monitor the population is found in several totalitarian regimes (the "SS" in Nazi Germany or the KGB in Soviet Russia).
Thus "Hunger Games" criticizes social determinism and social inequalities. In developed countries, children from wealthy or even wealthy families are more likely to succeed in life than children from poor families. > also condemns the operation represented by Le Capitole which exploits and cannibalizes the districts.
This relationship is found between farmers and farmers in many businesses, including firms that are relocated to poor countries to employ children. The notion of the greatest number of people working for only a small portion of the population to benefit from it resonates as a metaphor for today's world, as it is known that 10% of the richest people in the world own 83% of the world's wealth.
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