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> critical of Capitalism?
We can think that the universe of "Hunger Games" denounces the main defects and vices of capitalism: misery, exploitation, the veneration of competition, etc...
Indeed, over the course of history we discover that the districts are classified according to their wealth and the Capitol lives in excess without really working. The "Hunger Games" represent the competition, the survival at any price, the life in a world governed by the law of the strongest. In these games, the middle class (District 1 and 2) must fight against the popular class (other districts) while its real enemy against which it crashes is the dominant class (the Capitol).
This potential metaphor is obviously caricatural and does not show all the elements of capitalism as the principles of free trade and free competition.
Thus, the political system of Panem would be more a political system approaching the extreme left. The economy is centrally planned: there is no market or price. Each district produces something for the community and shares with other districts. Only an elite (members of the Capitol Government) produce nothing and get a share of the resources. This situation is found in communist countries where everyone is hungry except the elite (for example in North Korea). Authoritarianism in Panem also recalls the communist systems.
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CléliaOutremer:  Hello, I have to make an oral presentation for an English exam. I am in the 2nd year of medicine and I would need someone to correct my mistakes, it would help me a lot. Thanks to those who will correct!

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